Set (2): Three express train coaches for the EuroCity 7 of the Swiss Federal Railways.

The set contains a 1st class Eurocity coach, type Apm, and two 2nd class Eurocity coaches, type Bpm.

■ Train route: Hamburg–Chur
■ A 2nd class coach in “Cisalpino” livery with blue stripes
■ Operation condition: approx. 2010–2014

When the former Cisalpino (CIS) coaches were transferred to the Swiss Federal Railways (SBB), their coach fleet became a little more colourful for some time. One of those particularly “colourful” trains over a long time operating is the Eurocity train pair 6/7. The train ran from Chur in Switzerland via Zurich central station and Basel SBB to Mannheim, Dortmund, and Hamburg.