FLEISCHMANN 881908 4-pc. wagon set: “Pop-colored” Express train, DB

4 piece wagon set “Pop-colored” Express train of the Deutsche Bundesbahn (DB).

UIC-X coach – New Design 2020 !

■ All coaches with separately attached plug-in parts and prototypical buffer height

More than 6,145 express train passenger coaches of the DB are designated UIC X-coaches. The coaches were put into operation from 1952 on. Some of them were used in D trains for half a century and operated in the Intercity traffic. These coaches offered an unmatched comfort never seen in Europe before. The technical design of the express train passenger coaches with a new standard length of 26.4 m was developed in 1950. Responsible for development and design was the coach factory “Westwaggon” in Cologne-Deutz. The design of the coaches was based on the specifications which were provided by the coach construction and purchasing department of the Federal Railways Central Office in Minden. All coaches had bogies of the type Minden-Deutz.

Prototype: At the end of the 1960s, the DB was thinking about how it could give its vehicle fleet a modern and appealing look. So, from 1970 to 1974, the DB did experiments with new and brighter colours while the basic colour of the coach bodies always remained pebble grey. The roofs were painted in umbra grey. On top of the frame of most passenger carriages, there was one decorative stripe in pebble grey colour and another one in the colour that matched with the window bands. The eye-catching coaches were given the popular name “Popwagen”. Six different window colours were used, including decorative stripes on almost all types of the DB express train coaches.

FLEISCHMANN 6660013 4-piece set: Overburden train, DR

Wagon set with four freight wagons of the railway company of the German Democratic Republic (Deutsche Reichsbahn).

Comprises three flat wagons, type Res and one open freight wagon, type E.

■ Flat wagons with load
■ Open goods wagon without load
■ Suitable for class 52 (GR), Item no. 7160001, 7170001