■ Improved close coupler guide mechanism for trouble-free commuter train operation
■ Bogies with anti-rolling devices
■ Refined window frames
■ Open front skirt for coupler mounting is attached to the package
■ With function decoder for white/red light change (for both analogue and digital operation)

With the commuting of the long-distance trains from 1996 onwards, the SBB purchased 60 control cab coaches of the type IC Bt. In addition to these coaches, the Intercity commuter trains also were composed of adapted EW IV intermediate coaches, former French baggage cars and Re 460 locomotives. The 62-seat vehicle is based on the concept of the well-known Eurocity coaches. The interior also excels with a wheelchair, buggy and bicycle compartment and a closed WC system with a bioreactor. The head shape and driver’s cab correspond largely to the Re 460 locomotives, thus achieving a homogeneous appearance.