Paragon4 Sound & Control System featuring ROLLING THUNDER

Integral Dual-Mode Decoder with Back EMF for Superb Slow Speed Operation in DC and DCC

Precision Drive Mechanism Engineered for Heavy Towing and Smooth Slow Speed Operation

Operating Smoke Unit with On/Off Switch

Six Drivers and All Tender Wheels Pick-up Electricity from Track

Die Cast Locomotive Body with Die Cast Chassis for Heavier Weight and Maximum Tractive Effort

Rubber Tires on Two Drivers for Additional Tractive Effort

Premium Caliber Painting

Prototypically Accurate Paint Schemes and Road Numbers

Many Separately Applied Details such as Handrails, Grab Irons, Piping, Tender Ladders, Whistle, and Bell

Prototypical Headlight and Rear Light Operation

Separately Controllable Cab Light

Prototypically Accurate Sounds for the Union Pacific Big Boy

Operating Microtrains-compatible Couplers

Will Operate on Code 55, Code 70, and Code 80 Rail

Minimum Operating Radius: 9.75 inches