GATX 油罐車,可能會諗起黑色美國新式較長型油罐車,這款是GATX 歐洲分公司營運的油罐車,再度返貨,官網開始缺貨,一套三卡,大約六百多元



Completely new design!

■ Rich detailing on the models
■ Each wagon has a different running number
■ Wagons with type Y25 bogies in a welded design
■ With round buffers

The four-axle type Uahs tank wagons (from 1980 designated Zas) with a liquid capacity of 880 hl or 88 m³, built from 1972 onwards, were hired out as private wagons [P] from wagon rental companies to many railway administrations. The wagons were used to transport heavy oil and mineral oil products.