746072 – 3-piece set: Electrical multiple unit ICE class 411, DB AG

3 piece set Electric multiple unit (EMU) class 411 of the Deutsche Bahn.

The set contains a 1st class end wagon type Apmzf 411.0, a dining wagon type WRmz 411.2 and a 2nd class end wagon type Bpmzf 411.5.


■ Model with Next18 interface and Next18 sound decoder available for the first time
■ End wagons with green stripe available for the first time
■ Curve-dependent, automatic tilting of the car body
■ Model equipped with two function decoders and one sound decoder
■ Rigid close coupling with moveable corridors between the wagons
■ Digitally switchable light and sound functions

“ICE-T” is the collective name for the Deutsche Bahn’s high-speed trains 411 and 415. The trains are designed for traffic on upgraded lines which usually have a higher gradient and numerous curves; so these multiple units are equipped with tilting technology. The maximum permitted speed of the ICE-T is 230 km/h.