FLEISCHMANN 890320 SBB 客車已到貨

890320 – 1st class passenger carriage, SBB


1st class passenger carriage type EW IV of the Swiss Federal Railways. Update!
■ Improved close coupler guide mechanism for trouble-free commuter train operation
■ Bogies with anti-rolling devices

■ Refined window frames The standard carriages of type EW IV were delivered to the SBB from 1981 onwards and, with over 500 units, form one of the largest Swiss wagon fleets. The carriage body is of welded lightweight steel design. The carriages are very popular with passengers because of their spacious interiors with face-to-face seating and their quiet running characteristics even at high speeds. With various modernisations, the EW-IV carriages are still in use today, practically in all parts of Switzerland.

ROCO 76208 – Mail wagon, SBB

Mail wagon, type Z2, of the Swiss Federal Railways.

■ In the original, special “Postzentrum Luzern” design
■ The illustration shows the model with perforated steps
■ Delicately designed freestanding handles