74187 – 4 piece set “Local train”, K.Bay.Sts.B.

The wagon set contains four local train coaches of the Royal Bavarian State Railways.

■ Delicate design with authentic decorative lines and inscriptions
■ Used on Bavarian branch lines

The prototypes of these coaches were first put into service in 1906. The baggage wagon is even older and is based on the construction from 1896. Seventy-four units of the 3rd class passenger coach type CL Bay 06b were built, of the mail cars type Pw PostL Bay 06 there were 77 and of the baggage wagons type GwL Bay 96 were even 151 registered in a wagon list from 1913.

70659 – Electric locomotive EL 18 2247, NSB

Electric locomotive EL 18 2247 of the Norwegian State Railways.

■ Different landscape motifs on both sides
■ With separately applied wipers
■ Fine reproduction of the front handrails
■ In digital mode with switchable high beam and individually switchable headlights or taillight

The design of the Norwegian locomotives EL 18 is based on the design of the BLS 465. They were also bought by the Norwegian State Railways because of the good experiences made in Switzerland. The 22 machines are fitted with additional equipment for operation at arctic temperatures and also have snow blowers.