Set (2): Express train “E 712” with three passenger coaches of the Austrian Federal Railways.

The set contains two 2nd class domestic carriages, type Bmpz and a baggage coach type Ds.

■ E 712 from Villach to Salzburg
■ Operating condition around 1985/1986
■ Perfectly matches the electric locomotive class 1043: Items 70453, 70454 and 78454

The express train 712 ran in domestic traffic on the lines between the central stations Villach and Salzburg. During the summer timetable, it also hauled a DB through carriage from the “D 238/239 Gondoliere” Trieste, which was carried on from the Salzburg central station with the E 3512 to the Munich central station. Each train also ran a through carriage from Villach central station to Lienz and from Spittal-Millstättersee to Schwarzach-St. Veit, from where they carried on with the “Ex 143 Pongau” to the Vienna central station. In 1985, a 1044 locomotive from Salzburg was used for regular service; however, 1042.5 and 1043 also operated in unscheduled trains.