8-piece set: “100 Years ÖBB” Railjet, ÖBB $9000 以下


8-piece set of the “100 Years ÖBB” Railjet of the Austrian Federal Railways.

The train set consists of an electric locomotive 1116 251-0, four Economy Class coaches, one First Class coach, one dining coach and one control cab coach.

■ Unique edition in special packaging
■ With elaborate and demanding printing
■ In digital mode with switchable high beam and individually switchable headlights or tail lights
■ With digitally switchable interior lighting and current-conducting couplers
■ Control cab coach with built-in function decoder
■ Licensed ÖBB model
■ Z21 driver’s cab available

The locomotive model is equipped with a four-pole electric coupling on one side. For push-pull train operation the current draw between the locomotive and the control cab coach of the ROCO Railjet can be switched via DIP-switch. This is only possible if the whole train has an electric coupling.

Interior design imitation depends on the classification of each coach. Elaborately designed coach transitions. Each coach in longitudinal scale 1:87. Control cab coach with 3-light head signal and 2 red tail lights in LED technology.

100 Years ÖBB

The railway in Austria has had an eventful history since its inception. On 19th July 1923, the National Council passed the Federal Railway Act, which for the first time established a distinct economic body, the Austrian Federal Railways (BBÖ) as an enterprise. Due to the coal poverty at the time, it resulted in a wave of electrification. Post-World War II, the focus was on rebuilding. This was followed by the replacement of steam locomotives and the introduction of the first interval timetable.
After the transformation from a state-owned enterprise into a company in 1992 on the occasion of the upcoming EU accession, the ÖBB was restructured in 2004 as the ÖBB Holding AG with operational subsidiaries. For the 2008/2009 timetable, the Railjet trains were put into operation. They are among the fastest locomotive-hauled trains in the world.
One hundred years later, the Austrian Federal Railways are celebrating this historic event. For this occasion, a particularly attractive Railjet will be put on the tracks. The motto of this train is: “100 years ÖBB – 100 reasons to work for the ÖBB”.