FLEISCHMANN 732172 Electric locomotive 1829, Rail Force One

Electric locomotive 1829 of the Rail Force One.

■ Former Series 1600 locomotive in Rail Force One design
■ Delicately designed model with extra applied plug-in parts
■ Delicate design of the pantographs
■ In digital mode with individually switchable headlights or tail lights
■ Digitally switchable sound functions

FLEISCHMANN 7560002 Electric locomotive BB 426230, SNCF

Electric locomotive BB 426230 of the French State Railways.

■ Delicately-crafted design of the two different current collectors
■ “Béton” livery
■ Finely-detailed model with separately attached plug-in parts
■ Triple headlight for cross-border transport (UIC standard)

From 1988 to 1998, 234 dual system electric locomotives, series BB 26000, were delivered to the National French Railways. These engines, nicknamed “Sybic”, were deployed in front of all types of train across France. These multi-purpose locomotives can achieve a maximum speed of 200 km/h and can produce an output of 5,600 kW.

FLEISCHMANN 722096 Diesel locomotive class 106, DR

Diesel locomotive class 106 of the Deutsche Reichsbahn.

■ Model with a tightly soldered decoder built-in from factory
■ Delicately designed model with extra applied plug-in parts
■ Die-cast metal chassis

From 1960 to 1982, the DR purchased class V 60 shunting locomotives. Despite a positive response from the staff and workshop, the DR had some improvements made after the first serial delivery. The friction mass was increased to 60 t by installing a 5-ton counterweight. The driver’s cab underwent the most noticeable changes from the outside. It was now the same width as the frame and had a sun protection roof. The locomotives with the improved design were then delivered from 1964 as V 60.12; after the number system was changed at the DR: as class 106.