ROCO 74281 2nd class passenger coach, SBB (少量現貨)

FLEISCHMANN 890329 Dining coach, SBB , 因部分到貨, 已訂了的朋友將接獲通知到本店提取,謝謝!

ROCO 74281 2nd class Eurocity passenger coach, type Bpm, of the Swiss Federal Railways.

■ Item 74282 with modified running number
■ Model in current operating condition


Dining coach type EW IV of the Swiss Federal Railways.

■ Not suitable for push-pull trains
■ Bogies without yaw dampers
■ Authentic design with pantographs

The standard coaches of type EW IV were delivered to the SBB from 1981 onwards and, with over 500 units, form one of the largest Swiss wagon fleets. The coach body is of welded lightweight steel design. The coaches are very popular with passengers because of their spacious interiors with face-to-face seating and their quiet running characteristics even at high speeds. Thanks to diverse modernisations, the EW-IV coaches are still in daily use today.