76050 – 3 piece set construction/maintenance train wagons, DB

The set contains three construction/maintenance train wagons of the Austrian Federal Railways.

The set contains a ribbed “Spanten” wagon type Diho for construction trains, a four-axle ribbed “Spantenwagen” type B4ipüh and a stake wagon type Klms.

* The set perfectly matches the crane railway train of the ÖBB

Every vehicle fleet of a railway administration should also have some special wagons as they are indispensable for the maintenance of the rail facilities. Often it is old goods wagons or passenger coaches that have been specially modified and prepared for their new purpose. One group of these special vehicles are the construction train carriages. They can often be found as complete, colourfully arranged trains next to rail construction sites. Although no one pays much attention to these vehicles, they are nevertheless important for the smooth operation on the railways. And not least for this reason, these vehicles will create an authentic atmosphere also on your model railway layout.