The “City of Los Angeles” was one of the Union Pacific’s premier passenger trains, competing with the likes of the California Zephyr and the Santa Fe Super Chief in an effort to create the most desirable and luxurious means of travel across the united states in the 1950’s.

This 11 car set replicates the appearance of this famous named train as it appeared in 1954, with its unique dome diner car and broad, neon lit tail sign (illuminated in this passenger set with a special edge lighting LED system to create an appearance of depth in the name plate), and is designed to be pulled by Union Pacific E9A and E9B locomotives.

  • Storage Mail #5653
  • Baggage-Dormitory #6002
  • 44 Seat Coach #5428
  • 44 Seat Coach #5440
  • Dome Chair #7003
  • Lounge #6200
  • 10-6 Sleeper “Pacific Ocean”
  • Dome Diner #8002
  • 5 Double Bedroom-Lounge Sleeper “Boise”
  • 11 Double Bedroom Sleeper “Placid Lake”
  • Dome-Lounge Observation #9001