The EMD SDP40F was the first official, built-to-order locomotive Amtrak® purchased after previously operating using second hand equipment such as E8’s, F7’s and even GG1’s. Based on the framework of the SD40-2, the SDP40F was geared for speed, with a top operational velocity of 100 mph and a pair of steam generators to supply heat and hot water for the passenger trains it would pull. After they served out their lives in Amtrak service, many for the venerable SDP40F diesels made their way into Freight service for the Santa Fe where they continued plying the rails for almost 15 years before their eventual retirement.

  • Type IVa Car body details represent the prototypical appearance of these units as they existed later in life, with notched noses and additional roof equipment.
  • Nose Headlight
  • Equipped with body mounted Kato magnetic knuckle couplers.
  • Powerful five pole motor with all wheel electrical pickup and blackened wheels.
  • Directional Golden white LED headlights and illuminated pre-printed numberboards.
  • DCC Friendly Mechanism.